Solutions for Productivity and Profitability

Eyedo’s Core Field Optimization Package

Eyedo Field Operation Management Solutions is Eyedo’s flagship product for automation and optimization of standard and essential procedures, scheduling and reporting. The system has an instantaneous impact on the speed, accuracy and accountability of field operations, providing a rapid ROI and a direct and significant impact on the bottom line.

Includes: Questionnaires, check lists, task management, field management, reporting

Add-on Modules for Productivity Enhancement

Computer Vision

Produced in partnership with Vispera Image Recognition Solutions, this add-on module compares real-time photos of retail shelves with digital planograms, enabling retailers to obtain actionable insights to ensure compliance, inventory availability, competitive positioning and other valuable auditing functions…as well as competitive data. 

Includes: Shelf inventory analysis, control and auditing 

Workplan and Optimization Management

Specially tailored for scheduling and logistics functions, this add-on module can simplify and improve the efficiency of field delivery and sales assignments. Using GPS and location triangulation, this package can provide optimal delivery routes in real-time and make recommendations for optimal schedules for sales calls, based on parameters such as traffic and customer availability.

Includes: Visit scheduling, monitoring and management; Location-based GPS


    Topic of Interest:

    Benefits Throughout Your Organization

    Field Staff



    Automated reminders 

    Planograms vs. Real time photos

    Delivery confirmations (paperless)

    Inventory availability

    Customer feedback

    Training programs

    Field Managers


    Project completion status

    Competitive insights

    Geo-analysis of field tasks

    Real-time status & reports

    Financial targets

    Performance incentives

    System-wide info sharing

    Management Team



    Real-time operations status

    Authorizations for solution access

    Customized to Meet Every Operational Need

    The Eyedo System offers customers a vast arsenal of solutions, enabling businesses to optimize operations for maximum profitability and customer service. Tailored for use on any handheld IoS or Android smart device, Eyedo is accessible to team members in the field and in the office – whether online or offline! The system may be adapted to any language and to the terminology your team is used to using in your company and your sector.

    Optimization of field operations management and control begins during the planning process. Eyedo’s team works directly with your management team and field managers to customize the solutions to your business’ needs and specific action items. By doing so, you are able to automate, expedite and analyze field operations in a profitable way.

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