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Eyedo’s system-wide automation of routine field operations has multiple benefits for productivity: they get jobs done quicker, remove boredom from the daily routine, free time for other activities, and ensure that teams are reminded of overlooked tasks.


Floor Time Increase


Execution Time Savings


Increase in Task Execution


Increase in Shelf Share



Real-time problem solving


System-based on the job training and testing

Improve Your

bottom line!


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    Work Smarter

    There is always a better way to get a job done – whether by increasing efficiency, reducing cost or more successfully meeting customers’ needs. A business that is consistently improving its operations is more competitive in the field. Eyedo helps you work smarter…which is definitely better!

    “Huggies dominates the diapers market in Israel, while Pampers and local diapers decline.”

    When Salmonella was found in the supermarket chains, “What did we discover? We'll start with Shufersal - where the situation is the best - Salmonella was not found…” (Article documents in which chains it was found.) Mako Finance, March 20, 2018

    IsraAir increased the number of passengers flown by 33.02% in 2017 versus Arkia, with an increase of 1.84%, for the same time period.

    Work More Professionally

    Professionalism involves a combination of common sense and knowing your job and your customer well. When your organization uses Eyedo’s field operations management tools, all employees – new and old, in the field and in the office – are on the same page. Communication improves on all levels of the organization, and customer service is focused on relevant action items, whether related to problem solving or cultivating new areas of business activity.

    And just for the record, Eyedo’s system is protected behind a firewall that impressed even our friends at Google!

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